vision: the CAIRE Partnership keeps in its name traces of the Cooperativa Architetti Ingegneri Reggio Emilia (the oldest cooperation in Europe between town- and landscape-planning professionals, development and urban planners) widening its scope towards large and medium-scale structural design in the areas of transportation, health and education.

missionThe new Consortium was estabilished by a team of engineering firms that have been on the market for decades, yet characterized by a constant push towards innovation and renovation of the professional structure. The Consortium aims to ensure dynamism, flexibility, specialization, gathering the competence and resources of all the partners in order to offer a complete and well-structured proposal at a territorial level. The location of our partners’ offices grants quick responses to the market’s requests in the entirety of Italy – and beyond – through the headquarters and branches of Brescia, Reggio Emilia, Firenze, Gubbio e Reggio Calabria.



who? Our ideal clients are those public or private customers looking to develop infrastructural works both in Italy and abroad.

how? Our business culture is based on constant professional and technical upgrades and productive comparisons with the competitors, in order to always provide cutting-edge technical services.

where? All partners are deeply rooted in their specific territory, where they have solid professional, commercial and human relationships. The Consortium’s purpose is to create a network that will appear like a single entity at a national level, while maintaining each partner’s unique identity.

what? We provide turn-key planning, scheduling and design in infrastructural works, architecture, environment and technology.

why? The market requires competitivity and promptness in the fulfillment of integrated services for major works.

when? The new CAIRE Consortium is already active and aims, in the medium- and long-term, to acquire domestic and international contracts both from the public and the private sector.

head office

Consorzio stabile CAIRE

Largo degli Alpini n°7 – 42121 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy

other offices

  • Italian Offices


Reggio Calabria







  • Foreign Branches

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Santiago de Chile (Chile)

La Paz (Bolivia)


Consorzio CAIRE during last 5 years has achieved a total turnover of 96 millions euros.

staff employed

Each year Consorzio CAIRE employs about over 200 professionals engaged in various fields.